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We stand on the edge of eternity. The choices we make today lead us to our destinies of tomorrow.

Without realizing it we may find ourselves drawn into the "rat race" that has captured so many Americans. Heavy traffic. Tight schedules. Impossible expectations. Will life ever slow down?

Without realizing it we may be traveling down the broad path that promises a better life but in the end delivers despair, destruction and death (Matthew 7:13). Who can save us from ourselves?

The answer is not found within us. It is found in the One who made us in His image. It is found in Jesus. It is lived out in His body -- the church of Christ.

The church of Christ is a collection of saved sinners who seek the narrow path to life. My friend, Chuck Poulos, who ministers at the Orangevalle church of Christ said it well:

"We are a group of people who have found peace in Jesus Christ. Perhaps you are looking for spiritual renewal and some relief from the busyness of each day? Perhaps you are looking for something more than just work, sleep, and the daily grind. Join a caring and loving group of people who have found Jesus to be a fountain of living waters that is both soothing and deep. We invite you to meet with us at any time and learn more about Jesus and His love for all of us!"

Why not take a break from the daily grind and find rest for your soul with us at the Elkhart church of Christ?

Jim Morris, minister

Schedule of Services
Sunday AM Bible Class
10:00 AM
Sunday AM Worship
11:00 AM.
Sunday PM Worship
6:00 PM
Sunday Children's Bible Hour
6:00 PM
Wednesday Ladies' Class
10:00 AM
Wednesday Bible Class
7:00 PM.


Jim, Linda and Matthew
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